Binghamton University Art & Design

May 9, 2019

Project 4: User Experience

The fourth project assignment was a group project focused around User Experience Design, or UX. Each group chose a Binghamton University-related website to rebrand with the user in mind. My group chose to tackle the Student Health Services Website. We explored it ourselves, noted some initial problems, and made a survey that we sent to our friends and fellow students. We also reached out to the website stakeholders and managed to get one survey response based on their experience. We mapped the existing site and made several user flows, journey maps, and user personas based on different interactions users may have with the site. Based on the survey feedback and our own experience, we redesigned the website to be more intuitive, with far less repetitive information, less complicated access to forms and links, and a more efficient navigation bar.


April 2, 2019

Project 3: Article Illustrations

The third project assignment was to choose three articles and design illustrations for them. I decided to do three completely different articles, all about things I found interesting and new to me, in order to challenge myself to unify them aesthetically. For this project I wanted to incorporate more patterning and a dark background, something I normally wouldn't do.

The first article I chose is from Scientific American, titled "The Mind of an Octopus." I find octopi both gross and fascinating, and found this article from searching for things I'd like to learn more about.

The second article I chose is from the NPR website, the home of one of my favorite podcasts "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me". It's titled "Tiny Tech Tips: Why You Need Earplugs At Concerts." I wanted to use shapes and patterns to represent sound.

The third article I chose is from the news source The Week, titled "Why 2020 Democrats are ditching the red, white, and blue." In following the different presidential candidate announcements, I noticed that lots of new, different colors are being used in campaigns and I find that effective and more memorable than campaign designs of the past.

February 28, 2019

Project 2: Personal Icon

The second project was to make a personal icon. I tossed around ideas about what I would want to do- something that I like, that represents me, or who I want to be. I decided to go with something that symbolizes a change taking place. I chose a lit match for the imagery it invokes for me: light, controlled danger, something I was afraid of as a child but now am not, a temporary catalyst leading to something greater. My dad used to show me Looney Tunes when I was younger, and I always got a kick out of Bugs lighting a strike-anywhere match on a wall or the bottom of his foot. A lit match for me is a sense of impending chaos, whether comical or serious. I try to live my life with just a little bit of chaos to keep things interesting.

February 7, 2019

Project 1: Intention

The first project was to set a design intention for ourselves for the semester. The assignment allowed for any artistic direction within the parameters of a 4x6 postcard. I have been to Germany many times and one of my favorite foods to eat there is Currywurst- a street food consisting of a sausage and fries with a curry flavored, ketchup-like sauce. The text says the German translation of "Wish you were here," "Ich wünschte du wärst hier," with a minor play on words changing out wärst for the word for sausage, "Würste." My intention for the semester is to create clear, fun designs that incorporate aspects of my personality. I also intend to explore new design processes and new methods of communicating through my designs.